Friday, October 15, 2010

Slow and Steady...

Almost done with week two and so far I have mixed feelings.  Like Rachel, I've had a hard time staying on track.  There are interruptions during almost every workout - typically a little sweet baby boy that waking up from his nap.  I've been able to make it through but I'm feeling a little guilty.  If Sawyer wakes up, I'll typically put him in the bouncy chair next to me and try to keep him quiet until I finish....definitely not ideal.  I think once we get in a little better routine, things will get easier and I'll be able to make it through my workouts.

Despite the interruptions, I feel myself getting stronger.  I had noticable improvements in my numbers this week.  I did more pushups and pullups during Arms & Back and I just made it through Ab Ripper X, doing all the reps (some were pretty sloppy but I finished).  I am definitely encouraged and motivated to keep going even though I can't actually see the results.  I am disappointed with my weight loss - I was hoping to drop a few pounds in the first couple know, starting a new program and all....but that hasn't happened.  I might be down a pound or so - definitely NOT the amazing results I was hoping for.... but I am still motivated.  As I build my strength, I know the rest will come, slowly but surely.  I did improve my pullups quite a bit!  Still a ways to go to get up to 20 but las week I could only do 3 or 4.  This week I did 7....maybe next week will be 10! :)

Also, just to let everyone know I have missed 2 workouts.  I missed Wednesday during week one and Monday this week.  I'm disappointed in myself for missing those days but I am also realistic about this process.  I know there are going to be days where I simply can't fit it in.  So instead of missing workouts I considered to be a little more important, I didn't do yoga either week and replaced it with my skipped workout.  My goal next week is to complete every workout and get at least 2 (short) runs in.  I'm hoping adding in extra cardio will help with the weight loss.

So even with mixed feelings and a little disappoint in my first two weeks, I remain hopeful and motivated.  Still waiting for those jeans to fit but I know I will get there....


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