Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's been awhile to say the least.  And I wish I could even begin to explain all three reasons I abandoned my blog.  But this definitely isn't the time or place for that.  I will say that the past 6 months have been some of the hardest I've ever faced.....but this isn't a blog about all the things wrong in my life.  It's a blog about what is right in my life and what I do as a working mom of a one and four year old to try and keep myself in shape.

I've decide to write again because I'm having some struggles in this area.  I'm also having some new types of success.  Oh and I'm doing my second Tough Mudder in just 6 weeks!  So where should I start....

The struggles....  I don't know what's up but for some reason there are a couple pounds I just can't keep off.  And I've never had that problem before.  I may have had those couple pounds before but the second I turn my efforts back towards working out, they always disappeared.  Not this time.  I feel like I am working out more than I have in a long time.  Actually I know I am. For the most part, I'm eating healthy- not perfect but I've never been the sort to follow a strict diet....I like wine and cheese and peanut butter too much for that.  :)  But I eat those sort of things sparingly.  And still, there they are....a handful of extra pounds that I cant seem to drop.  It's only 3 pounds.  Doesn't sound like much right?  But those 3 pounds have me teetering over the "magic number" that's embedded in my head after years of watching my weight for cheering.  I don't want to be over that weight.  BUT I don't know if I have a choice!  Is it age??  Are we supposed to just accept those couple pounds that won't go away?  Eff that! That is something I am NOT willing to accept.  I am gonna kick 31's ASS from here until 40!

The success............. A lot has changed in the past six months and the biggest change is that now I live in Virginia.  Its a long story - I'll save it for a rainy day.  The short version is that I have a new job that brought me to Fredericksburg, VA.  I am living in a beautiful home in a great location. And of course, I have two simply AMAZING babies.  I swear my little boy is the sweetest thing in the world.  I've never felt as loved as I do by that little boy.  My crazy, darling, ding dong of a daughter has such an infectious little personality and a stubborn streak like no other.  I truly love being their mom.

So what about the success on the fitness side of things?  Well.....I found my way to crossfit.  More specifically, RARE Crossfit in Fredericksburg.  And I LOVE IT!  It is something I know I can be really really good at....something I want to be really really good at.  Something I know is going to make me a better person....physically, mentally, emotionally - the whole nine yards.  (After I typed that saying I had to look it up to see what it actually means....I mean a first down is 10 yards so what is the whole nine yards?  Turns out its origin is one of life's great mysteries....)  I love pushing myself to reach a new personal best and I love the sense of competition, both with myself and with others.  I mean, we aren't out to beat each other but I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good to knock out the WOD faster than the big guy next to me.  So here I am, 31 and a mom of two and finally finding the sport that I think truly fits my capabilities and personality.  I'm so excited to see what I can accomplish in crossfit.

Oh and I joined the RARE Mudders!  My gym has a team running Tough Mudder VA.  It's going to be a muddy, sweaty, crazy fun race and I can't wait!

Again - sorry about the wait.... I won't let it happen again! :)