Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recovery Week!!

3 weeks down and into my first recovery week!  Recovery defintiely doesn't mean take a break - I'm modifying the schedule a bit (to avoid yoga) and substituting in Cardio X.  This week defintiely gets you sweating!  I just finished Core Synergistics and its defintiely my favorite.  When I finish, I feel like my whole body got a workout.  I enjoy body weight exercises and that workout really gives you a good and different variety. 

I've been feeling really good so far - still not seeing the weight loss I'd hope for but there is still a ways to go.  Patience......  These workouts have really become a relief for me.  I've had a few rough days....frustrated, impatient, missing my husband, tired but I've been making P90X a priority and afterwards I always feel better.  Even when I have to pause the DVD to tend to a crying baby or anwser a silly question from a curious 3 yr old, it is still better than nothing. 

Hopefully anyone else out there doing this workout is enjoying it as much as I am - believe me, I know how hard it can be fitting it in but you can find the time and you will feel better about yourself.  I'm back to work part time right now, taking a class for my masters and a certification course for my job.....definitely have a lot going on but I am determined to do this and the farther into the program I get, the easier it becomes to carve out an hour a day to get it done.  So moral of the story....stick with it and I promise you will feel better.  I'm speaking from experience. :)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Slow and Steady...

Almost done with week two and so far I have mixed feelings.  Like Rachel, I've had a hard time staying on track.  There are interruptions during almost every workout - typically a little sweet baby boy that waking up from his nap.  I've been able to make it through but I'm feeling a little guilty.  If Sawyer wakes up, I'll typically put him in the bouncy chair next to me and try to keep him quiet until I finish....definitely not ideal.  I think once we get in a little better routine, things will get easier and I'll be able to make it through my workouts.

Despite the interruptions, I feel myself getting stronger.  I had noticable improvements in my numbers this week.  I did more pushups and pullups during Arms & Back and I just made it through Ab Ripper X, doing all the reps (some were pretty sloppy but I finished).  I am definitely encouraged and motivated to keep going even though I can't actually see the results.  I am disappointed with my weight loss - I was hoping to drop a few pounds in the first couple weeks....you know, starting a new program and all....but that hasn't happened.  I might be down a pound or so - definitely NOT the amazing results I was hoping for.... but I am still motivated.  As I build my strength, I know the rest will come, slowly but surely.  I did improve my pullups quite a bit!  Still a ways to go to get up to 20 but las week I could only do 3 or 4.  This week I did 7....maybe next week will be 10! :)

Also, just to let everyone know I have missed 2 workouts.  I missed Wednesday during week one and Monday this week.  I'm disappointed in myself for missing those days but I am also realistic about this process.  I know there are going to be days where I simply can't fit it in.  So instead of missing workouts I considered to be a little more important, I didn't do yoga either week and replaced it with my skipped workout.  My goal next week is to complete every workout and get at least 2 (short) runs in.  I'm hoping adding in extra cardio will help with the weight loss.

So even with mixed feelings and a little disappoint in my first two weeks, I remain hopeful and motivated.  Still waiting for those jeans to fit but I know I will get there....


Saturday, October 9, 2010

I want a do over!

Hello P90Xers,

I had an interesting week. I got off to an ok start.  I did the first two workouts with gusto but was so sore (those dive-bombers killed me!) I skipped my Wednesday workout but made it up on Thursday by doing it instead of Yoga X. I did Friday's workout but was interrupted constantly by a little 11 week old who decided to pick this week to take really short naps and wake constantly at night.  By Saturday I was exhausted and decided I WANT A DO OVER.

One thing about me is I am a bit of a perfectionist.  I don't like difficult adjustments. My first week of P90X didn't go as smoothly as I hoped and I feel a little off my game. I want to start off better than that. I decided that I am going to start week one again on Monday.  This may sound crazy to you, but for me I will never feel right if I don't do it over and do it right. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to go through the next 90 days without challenges, I do have realistic expectations. But I want a first week I can be proud of and this past week was full of interruptions, frustrations, and three-quarter workouts...and I just can't seem to let it go. 

So, tomorrow I will do Stretch X as planned but Monday I will repeat day 1 instead of start day 8.  And my P90X adventure will end Jan 9th instead of Jan 2nd.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I decided to buy a Bodymedia GoWear Fit.  It is sort of like a Bodybugg but a little better in my opinion.  I will let you know how much I like it.

I also promised a recipe!  This is my favorite sauce for rice, fish, chicken, and veggies.  It is delicious, keeps forever in the refidgerator, and has almost no fat.  You'll love it. I put it on a bowl of brown rice and vegetables just this afternoon.

Soy Ginger Sauce
1/4 cup reduced sodium soy sauce
1/4 cup rice vinegar
1/4 cup water
2 1/2 tsp sugar or agave nectar
2 tsp fresh ginger, grated
2 tsp chopped scallions or 1 tsp chopped garlic
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
1 1/2 tsp toasted sesame oil

Combine all ingredients.Stir until sugar is dissolved. Use immediately and store leftover in an airtight container in refrigerator.  It is yummy.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Day One, Week One Done!

I finished my first workout about an hour ago and although it was tough, it was a relief after a hectic morning.  My 3 yr old, Samantha had a doctor's appointment today.  Nothing out of the ordinary - just a routine checkup but for some reason it seemed a little more stressful than usual...I guess that's probably because this is the first time taking my baby boy along for the ride.  I swear Samantha can sense when I'm preoccupied with thoughts of the baby and takes advantage of those moments to run from the office, grab one of the various tools within her reach or whatever other shiny object catches her attention.  Today the doctor that examined her even wondered if perhaps she has ADHD - I don't think that's the case (although her dad does have ADHD)...I think I just have an extremely active, smart and stubborn little girl on my hands.  Anyways, I am rambling...the point being that after a rough morning, we got back to my mom's house (where we are staying while my husband is deployed), I put Sam in her room for some much needed quiet time and took advantage of the down time to take on the P90X Chest & Back workout and Ab Ripper X.... 

Just like Tony says - I loved it and I hated it....  I know I am going to be sore and I might have pushed a little hard but I feel so much better about myself, just after one workout.  During the first round of exercises, I did pull ups (a majority were chair assisted) and during the second round I switched to the resistance band.  By the end of this, I want to make it through the entire workout doing real deal pull ups....no chair, no bands.  The push ups kicked my booty too....at one point (during the second set of military push ups) I couldn't push myself back up and just sort of collapsed....  But it was a start and I definitely have a lot of room for improvement!

Then came Ab Ripper X......dang, that hurt!  Yes I know it should hurt - I just had a baby but you are never really ready for the reality of it.  But once again, I pushed myself and did as much as I could.  I know that in a few weeks I'll be flying through the ab portion (right?) and by the end of this, I won't have to suck my gut in. 

For everyone else out there that is doing this too, just remember it will get easier.  I keep reminding myself of that.  When I struggle to pick up my chubby baby boy tomorrow, I'll be reminded of this kickass workout I completed.  I love being sore - it just a sign that you are pushing yourself in the right direction.  During the workout, Tony said one of his many many cheesy saying but it made sense....he said "Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your body."  So true - this is going to take more than a day, a week or a month but in the end, the pain and soreness will all be worth it. 


Be Inspired

Good Morning P90Xers,

Some of you might have finished your workout already (I have not. I'm waiting for Colt's afternoon nap). If you have, good for you!  I read through the comments this morning and two very interesting things were said that I think are worth mentioning.

The first is that Christy suggested in the comments that we not only post our fitness journey but that she would be extra inspired if we also included a nutrition log and some healthy recipes because a healthy diet is as important as an effective workout plan.  I agree completely and I think that is a great idea. I can't emphasize enough the importants of a good diet in your overall health. I personally take what I eat EXTREMELY seriously.  I have adopted a sort of alternative diet over the years. I read constantly about nutrition and have used my own brain to piece together a food/health philosophy I can live with. Here are a few of my rules:
1) I NEVER go on fad diets or any sort of diet that doesn't involve a lifestyle of health and wellness.
2) I also NEVER count calories specifically but I have made myself aware of the calorie content of food in general.  For example, fried rice has more calories and fat per serving than a hamburger and large fries combined. Gross. I ALWAYS choose steamed rice, and when available, brown rice instead of white. To me that is just common sense.  The reason why I don't count calories is this: reducing food consumption to a basic mathematical equation completely negates the importants of the quality of the food we eat.  It is one thing to be thin and another to be healthy.  I like to be both thin and healthy so I choose to put quality ahead of quantity and consume as much nutrition as possible.
3) I do my best to eat whole, natural, non-GMO foods.  Prepackaged, artificial, processed foods are good for no one.  Hydrogenated oils and artificial sweeteners are the worst!
4) I also eat lots of good fat: extra virgin olive oil,  flax seed oil, cold pressed coconut oil, and raw, organic butter from grass feed cows. Some fats have gotten a bad wrap. Read a book called Nourishing Traditions if you want more info from verifiable sources.

I could go on and on about all my healthy habits but here is the bottom line: Eating to be thin and eating to be healthy are not necessarily the same thing.  I encourage you to put nutrition first and a healthy weight will follow by default. Not everyone shares my philosophy and that is OK, we all have to make these decisions for ourselves, but at least now you have an idea of how I approach food.

I won't speak for Kasey, but I promise to include what I eat in my posts.  I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to be healthy so I have a ton of recipes worth sharing.  I'll pass them along.

Next I'd like to talk about Karol's comment regarding Kasey and I putting a lot of emphasis on our strength goals.  Kasey and I like to be strong.  It is important to us.  But those are our goals.  You can set whatever goals you like.  However, I would like to encourage you to push yourself in ways you may never have.  Our culture is consumed with vanity and losing weight is always the default goal of every fitness program.  Thin, thin, thin. But what if we stepped outside the box a little and made our fitness goals less about weight loss and more about muscle gain, improved cardiovascular endurance and increased flexibility?  What if we made the focus less about how our body looks and more about how well it works?  Don't get me wrong, I want to look good too.  I'd be lying if I said differently.  But I also want what looks fit to be fit. No one likes a poser (in my opinion).

To sum up: step outside of the box people.  That is my two cents for today.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rachel's Measurements and Goals...

OK, after a whole day of procrastinating I finally had my husband take my pictures. Then I jumped on the blog to post and saw Kasey's photos...Kasey my girl, you already look awesome. If I didn't love you so much I would hate you. You have upped the ante for me. I'll let you have the 20 pull-ups goal though...I expect nothing less from you Marine.

Height: 5'6"
Current Weight: 142lbs
Chest (I measured under my boobs since I am nursing and they constantly grow and shrink): 29.5 inches
Waist (across belly button): 30.5 inches
Hips: 36 inches
Thighs (both together around the largest part): 38 inches
Left mid-thigh: 21.75 inches
Right mid-thigh: 22 inches
Left Bicep Flexed: 12 inches
Right Bicep Flexed: 12 inches

My Goals:
Primarily I just want to tone up.  No more flab.  No more cellulite.  And I want my abs back. I have been post c-section before and was able to get a flat stomach again so this time should be no different. Truthfully I don't care what my measurements are as much as I care how my clothes fit.  I have a pair of jeans in my closet that fit pre-pregnancy.  I want them to fit again.

My goal weight: 128

My strength goals are to do 60 push ups in a row (yes the boy kind), 5 pull-ups, and last but not least, I want to be able to bend over and place my palms flat on the ground.  That might not sound like much of a goal, but I have struggled with flexibility my whole life.  To reach past my toes would be a huge accomplishment for me.

And finally my pictures.  I didn't choose the most flattering shorts but I purposefully wanted to show my most problem areas. They speak for themselves unfortunately.

All I have to left to say is that I'm ready. So very ready.

Kasey's Measurements and Goals....

Well, here we go.....  Tomorrow is the big day and I seriously can't wait, esp after looking at my pictures.  I also took my measurements (as recommended by the P90X program) and weight.  Here are my starting stats:

Weight: 130 lbs
Chest: 34 inches
Waist: 30 inches (at belly button)
Hips: 36 inches
Right Bicep: 11.5 inches flexed
Left Bicep: 11.75 inches flexed
Right Thigh: 20.5 inches (mid-thigh)
Left Thigh: 20.25 inches (mid-thigh)

My biggest goal right now is to lose weight and tighten my abs.  I'm not sure what my measurements should be or or how I should set some of the goals because I tend to put on muscle pretty easily and I don't know what my normal measurements are.  I'm guessing my bicep measurements will stay the same or increase.  Hopefully the rest all go down.... 

GOAL WEIGHT: 120 lbs

I also have a strenght goal I'm going to set for myself - I want to be able to do 20 pullups.  That might be asking a lot.  I've done it before but I don't think I've ever started out this far out of shape.  Its a pride thing for me - while I was still an active duty Marine, it was always my goal to be able to do as many pullups as the boys.  Us girls aren't required to do pullups - we do a flexed arm hang instead.  In order to max the fitness test for the guys, you have to do 20 pullups......so once again 20 pullups is my goal. 

Last but not least....the pictures.  The worst is the profile view for me - they you can see just how much I need my abs back to hold everything in.  Ab Ripper X, here I come!


Before Tomorrow...

Here are all the names of our blog followers:

I am assuming that all of you are participating in our P90X challenge? Please post a comment to confirm that you are part of our team so that we can look after you. Hilary, are you in or just observing?  I know you are pretty pregnant about now but I wouldn't put it past you to do a fitness challenge in your third trimester. Heather, you mentioned having some neck issues.  Did you get the OK from your doctor? Anyone else with limitations?

Kasey and I will post our pics and stats later tonight. We are excited to get started. I hope you are too!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Tracking It All...

As Rachel mentioned, I have a great spreadsheet that can track your progress and your workout schedule.  I couldn't upload the file directly to the blog so I am sharing it through google docs - the link is below.  On the overall workout calendar, each day is hyperlinked to the corresponding workout.  If the links don't work, please let me know and I'll figure out another way to share it.


2 days to go!!!  And no, I don't plan on giving up peanut butter.....