Sunday, October 3, 2010

Before Tomorrow...

Here are all the names of our blog followers:

I am assuming that all of you are participating in our P90X challenge? Please post a comment to confirm that you are part of our team so that we can look after you. Hilary, are you in or just observing?  I know you are pretty pregnant about now but I wouldn't put it past you to do a fitness challenge in your third trimester. Heather, you mentioned having some neck issues.  Did you get the OK from your doctor? Anyone else with limitations?

Kasey and I will post our pics and stats later tonight. We are excited to get started. I hope you are too!



  1. I'm following for inspiration at this point. I'm staring at my pullup bar but don't think I'll participate for a few more months. Am anxious to watch you guys chisel into shape! I will definitely be back to p90x after baby! Good luck to all...

  2. I am in my 6th week of P90X. I will say that it's getting easier. I can do all of the reps of Ab Ripper X.

  3. Im in, just trying to hold back a little in the beginning so I don't end up in pain and ruin it for myself again. It's a shame I don't feel it until the next day or 2 when Im unable to move my head, literally. Off to begin workout 1...gently! It sux when your mind and your body don't cooperate :)
    Good Luck everyone!

  4. Oh, at this point I'm not up to starting a new fitness challenge. I will make it a goal to continue logging 4 miles, 5 times per week and to complete my prenatal pilates workout 3 times per week. Y'all have motivated me to keep moving during my pregnancy! xx