Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rachel's Measurements and Goals...

OK, after a whole day of procrastinating I finally had my husband take my pictures. Then I jumped on the blog to post and saw Kasey's photos...Kasey my girl, you already look awesome. If I didn't love you so much I would hate you. You have upped the ante for me. I'll let you have the 20 pull-ups goal though...I expect nothing less from you Marine.

Height: 5'6"
Current Weight: 142lbs
Chest (I measured under my boobs since I am nursing and they constantly grow and shrink): 29.5 inches
Waist (across belly button): 30.5 inches
Hips: 36 inches
Thighs (both together around the largest part): 38 inches
Left mid-thigh: 21.75 inches
Right mid-thigh: 22 inches
Left Bicep Flexed: 12 inches
Right Bicep Flexed: 12 inches

My Goals:
Primarily I just want to tone up.  No more flab.  No more cellulite.  And I want my abs back. I have been post c-section before and was able to get a flat stomach again so this time should be no different. Truthfully I don't care what my measurements are as much as I care how my clothes fit.  I have a pair of jeans in my closet that fit pre-pregnancy.  I want them to fit again.

My goal weight: 128

My strength goals are to do 60 push ups in a row (yes the boy kind), 5 pull-ups, and last but not least, I want to be able to bend over and place my palms flat on the ground.  That might not sound like much of a goal, but I have struggled with flexibility my whole life.  To reach past my toes would be a huge accomplishment for me.

And finally my pictures.  I didn't choose the most flattering shorts but I purposefully wanted to show my most problem areas. They speak for themselves unfortunately.

All I have to left to say is that I'm ready. So very ready.


  1. Wow, you two are focusing much on strength training. My biggest goals are in the hip/thigh/butt area. What can I say, I got a big booty. I have been a bit disappointed that Tony does not focus a great deal on this area. Rachel, in regard to the flexibility...make sure you do the X stretch on your off day, this should do the trick for you. I love X stretch, so relaxing. I have always been very flexible. I could put my palms on the floor when I started, now I can reach way back past my legs. On the sitting down stretches, with legs out front I can now lay my belly flat and reach around a yoga block. It's so cool. Shhh don't tell but I can stretch farther than my girls (like by a lot) and I think they are just a little impressed. ;0)

  2. You look great already! That is why I like p90x--it *will* make you strong, without a doubt. LOVE your attitude! Have fun!

  3. P.S. Living in CA you girls may already eat healthy.... ;) But that is one of the things I struggle with and the part that i did *not* do with p90x. And really, just like any workout program or piece of equipment, it is just as important as the activity. You may want to share your food diary and/or recipes.....just a suggestion. (Remember, I'm following for inspiration and that inspires me, too--since it's so hard for me. ESPECIALLY with all the holidays coming up)

  4. YOU TOO!?!? Seriously, your befores are what I hope to be after (I just typoed fatter, Freudian slip???). HOW do you look like that just a few months after baby being born?
    Anyway, I admire both your fitness goals. I just want to get the wieght off, and look and FEEL good. I'm actually hoping to lose 50, yes, embarrassingly enough, FIFTY pounds. My super, ultimate goal would be 60, but I haven't been under 130 since high school, and that's been 20 yrs, so that may not be realistic. I'm only trying to lose 30 during this 90 days.
    I did lose 2 lbs last week (go me :) so that's a nice start. But it's easier when you're bigger.
    Like Christy, I struggle with diet. I MUST eat 1 carb daily, or I will faint. Plus, eating the same thing all the time gets too monotonous for me. But Im doing my best to suck it up.
    Sorry for blathering on, off to walk the walk!