Monday, October 4, 2010

Day One, Week One Done!

I finished my first workout about an hour ago and although it was tough, it was a relief after a hectic morning.  My 3 yr old, Samantha had a doctor's appointment today.  Nothing out of the ordinary - just a routine checkup but for some reason it seemed a little more stressful than usual...I guess that's probably because this is the first time taking my baby boy along for the ride.  I swear Samantha can sense when I'm preoccupied with thoughts of the baby and takes advantage of those moments to run from the office, grab one of the various tools within her reach or whatever other shiny object catches her attention.  Today the doctor that examined her even wondered if perhaps she has ADHD - I don't think that's the case (although her dad does have ADHD)...I think I just have an extremely active, smart and stubborn little girl on my hands.  Anyways, I am rambling...the point being that after a rough morning, we got back to my mom's house (where we are staying while my husband is deployed), I put Sam in her room for some much needed quiet time and took advantage of the down time to take on the P90X Chest & Back workout and Ab Ripper X.... 

Just like Tony says - I loved it and I hated it....  I know I am going to be sore and I might have pushed a little hard but I feel so much better about myself, just after one workout.  During the first round of exercises, I did pull ups (a majority were chair assisted) and during the second round I switched to the resistance band.  By the end of this, I want to make it through the entire workout doing real deal pull chair, no bands.  The push ups kicked my booty one point (during the second set of military push ups) I couldn't push myself back up and just sort of collapsed....  But it was a start and I definitely have a lot of room for improvement!

Then came Ab Ripper X......dang, that hurt!  Yes I know it should hurt - I just had a baby but you are never really ready for the reality of it.  But once again, I pushed myself and did as much as I could.  I know that in a few weeks I'll be flying through the ab portion (right?) and by the end of this, I won't have to suck my gut in. 

For everyone else out there that is doing this too, just remember it will get easier.  I keep reminding myself of that.  When I struggle to pick up my chubby baby boy tomorrow, I'll be reminded of this kickass workout I completed.  I love being sore - it just a sign that you are pushing yourself in the right direction.  During the workout, Tony said one of his many many cheesy saying but it made sense....he said "Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was your body."  So true - this is going to take more than a day, a week or a month but in the end, the pain and soreness will all be worth it. 


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