Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting into the New Routine

I made it back to California with my two babies and managed to stay sane on the flight.  Thank goodness for my mom who was willing and able to make the trip across country with me.  I honestly can't imagine doing it on my own!  We are settling back into things here and getting into a good routine.  I have to admit I've been slacking a bit on my workouts, at least on the strength training side of things.  Right now our daycare situation is a pain in the booty.  Sawyer is still on the wait list to get into Samantha's center so in the meantime, I am taking him to the hourly childcare center.  They only allow a max of 85 hours a month so I have to schedule his hours around work and meetings.....not to mention the hassle of dropping them off at separate facilities.  I can't wait to get a call telling me there is a spot open!  Needless to say, all the running around and trying to work full time has put a damper on my workout schedule.  So I've turned to BOB, my new BFF! (sorry Hilary - you'll understand that special relationship soon enough :)  My babies are champs in the stroller and we've managed to rack up some decent mileage in the past week.  

~ My babes out for a ride in BOB ~

And honestly, running is such a welcome relief.  I recommend it to any other moms that are craving a few quiet moments.  It's like a built in babysitter - one baby sleeps and the other enjoys the ride (while playing on an iTouch....another miracle worker).  And I get to put on my headphones and take a good 30-60 minutes just to let my mind wander.  All while preparing for my upcoming runs! 

Speaking of which.....I figure the best way to ensure I don't fall off the wagon is to register I did!  If I have clear and defined goals, I'm less likely to make excuses not to get that run in.  I'm thinking that around one race a month is realistic and thanks to some great friends and motivators, I've managed to plan it out through June.  So here we go....the first race isn't until March so I have plenty of time to get myself ready:

March 13: Safari Park 1/2 Marathon
April 10: Black Mountain Trail Run (15k or 5k....haven't decided yet)
May 15: Coronado Bridge Run?
May 28: TOUGH MUDDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 5:  San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon
June 18: ASYMCA Camp Pendleton Mud Run

I'm excited!  Let me know if you are interested in doing any of these with me.  The more, the merrier!  Jacqueline - you don't have a choice! :) 

Stay tuned for Insanity results!  As soon as the DVDs arrive, I'll be starting....well, if I can figure out where to fit it into my schedule.  Maybe after I get the babies in bed.  Thank goodness for early bed times and good sleepers! 

Keep "doing your work." (that's what Samantha calls working out)  I promise getting out for just 30 minutes a day for a walk or run will make a difference in how you feel, your attitude and your outlook.  



  1. So many races, I'm excited!!! :) But I am soooooooo not doing the marathon with you, no way no how, not happening my friend, not happening.

  2. Hi - just stumbled upon your blog and we're going to follow - i want to hear about your insanity experience! me and my friend are just starting p90 and we're trying build followers to help us keep accountable. Would appreciate it if you and your followers came and followed us too! btw-so good to find someone who does a lot of running. I'm wondering how to incorporate both p90 into the 1/2 marathon training (do you do both workouts run and p90?)

    Sefa (of sef and sariah)

  3. Sefa - thanks so much for commenting and following! Definitely helps accountability when you have more followers. I'll for sure check your blog out too. I kinda manipulated the P90X schedule to meet my needs - I'm not a yoga fan so I never did it and I would run instead. I think the two go hand and hand - even if I wasn't running a ton, the farther I got into P90X, the easier it was when I went out for a run. I'm planning to do the same with insanity - fit it into my schedule and use it to improve my running. If I have to cut out a day of insanity to get a long run in, then I will. If I can make the time, I'll do both...but that's a big if! :) I tried to work in extra running durning P90X, just to up the calories I was burning. With insanity, I'll be running in prep for the half so it needs to be more of a priority for me this time around.

    Thanks again for following!!!

  4. And Jacqueline - there is a half option for the rock and roll! Or you can come be my cheering section :)

  5. so glad you are getting time for you :)
    your goal setting motivates ME!
    can't wait to see you again.

  6. I just saw your results. Both of you are stunning!

    Kasey:12 inch biceps is impressive! My friend got similer results after doing p90x, and she found herself having to buy new clothes because she was ripping her old ones! Have you had to buy new clothes?