Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy Insane or Insane Crazy?

Call me crazy but I started Insanity today!  And I have to say (even just being one day in) that I LOVE it!  It's fast, tough and sweaty.  Even the warm up is tough.  Plus you got Shaun T pushing you along..... Sorry Tony but I have to say Shaun T is just a bit more enjoyable to workout with :)  And I feel like I'm working out with folks just like me - you see them break down and struggle with the workout.  They aren't Dreya Weber adding crazy leg raises to already tough exercises.  These people are pushing it hard and make me push it even harder.  PLUS it was fun!  I really enjoyed the workout and the time flew by.

As far as goals for the next 60 days.....  I want to maintain my strength.  I want to be able to do 20 pullups minimum.  I'd like to lose a few more pounds and get down to about 118.  I think this is the perfect workout program to do that because I won't be lifting any sort of weights.  I tend to gain weight when I lift, esp if I'm already in decent shape.  Plus, I have to RUN in addition to this.  Got lots of races to get ready for and I don't just want to finish them.  I want to push myself and beat some of my previous times (from years ago....).

For my Insanity "Before" pictures, I'll just be using my P90X "Afters"....I can't wait to see what I can do in another 60 days!   


  1. I just saw your results. Both of you are stunning!

    Kasey:12 inch biceps is impressive! My friend got similer results after doing p90x, and she found herself having to buy new clothes because she was ripping her old ones! Have you had to buy new clothes?

  2. Thanks so much! Some of my shirts are a little snug but I'll take that any day....I'd much rather them be tight in my arms cause my biceps are bigger than my pants in my waist and butt! :)

  3. I figured that probably happened.

    Here's a challenge for you: try to crush an apple or some type of fruit with your bicep. My friend showed me that talent the other day (without asking!??) and it was amazing (and interesting.)