Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doing Work

The last two weeks I've been really good at "doing my work."  That's what my little girl calls working out. Its a pretty common occurrence for her to strike some crazy yoga-ish pose, run through the house or lift something over her head only to tell me she is doing her work.  Super cute but also makes me proud.....not just of her but it also fills me with a sense of pride for setting a good example.  She is only 3 but is already beginning to understand the importance of "doing work" to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and more importantly, she LIKES it.  She wants to watch me do pullups and wants to join in on my crazy Insanity workouts.  She never complains when I drag her out in the stroller.  If I'm in workout clothes, she says "did you go for a run?"  I think she already understands that its important to her mommy - it makes mommy happy and therefore makes her life a little bit better too.

There are so many ways to set a good example for our we act, what we eat, the way we take care of our body.  Its amazing how much she acts like me.  She constantly imitates the way I talk to my baby boy.  She says things like "hi handsome baby boy" and mimics the voice I use when I talk to him.  Once again, super cute but it also illustrates just how much our little ones pick up on.  We are their role models.  How can I expect my children to participate in sports if I don't get off the couch myself?  How can I tell them they can't have another cookie and need to eat their broccoli if I don't follow the same rules?  In a world where it has become so easy to sit on your couch, where everything is available to you with the touch of a button, it takes a concentrated effort to get yourself out and keep yourself in shape.  If I'm not willing to make that effort, how can I expect anything different from my children?

So as I continue on this insane journey I've realized that I'm not just doing it for myself.  I'm doing it for Samantha and Sawyer.  I feel stronger, happier and healthier.  I have more energy.  I'm a better mother to my babies.  And most importantly, through my actions I am teaching them valuable habits that will help them become strong, happy and healthy too.

~ Kasey

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  1. wow my friend, i think she should WRITE for a fitness magazine too. :)
    i'm really really proud of you...
    love you