Monday, November 22, 2010

Recovery Week # 2

Here I am in Week 8 - my second recovery week and I feel great!!  I love knowing I am getting back in shape.  I still have a ways to go....some more weight to lose but I feel so much stronger.  I think I forgot how good it feels to be in great shape.  I've been there before and I want to be there again....not just good shape, GREAT shape. 

I haven't been perfect in my workout schedule so far - I've had to bend and flex to accommodate the craziness it is to be a mom but I'm proud of making it this far and excited to finish up the last month.  This doesn't just mark the last month of P90X, it also means this is my last month back here with my family.  My last month of having my little Sawyer home with my every day.  When this is done, I'll be boarding a plane back to southern California and anxiously awaiting the return of my hubby.

We've decided we are going to Mexico with our babies in early what does that mean?  I'll be wearing a swimsuit in just a couple months!!  I am so proud of my results so far but I want to look a-ma-zing come March.  So I've decided once I complete P90X, I'm going to jump right into Insanity - another workout program from Team Beachbody.  No weights, no bands, no bars...just your body.  Its a 60 day program so the timing will be perfect.  Hopefully I'll be able to juggle my workout schedule once I'm back to Cali. 

I've also decided (with Rachel as my motivation) that I need to eat better - I am not a great cook and mostly its because I don't take the time to BE a great cook but its time for that to change.  I need to make the effort, not just for me but for my family.  I don't think I eat unhealthy but I definitely don't eat clean.  So come the new year, I'm going to bring on Insanity and clean eating.... 

One more thing....I'm renewing my subscription to Oxygen when I get back.  About 8 yrs ago, I had dreams of being on the cover of Oxygen and competing in fitness competitions.  I was about to register for my first competition but it was just a week before I was scheduled to deploy to Iraq.  I decided I'd rather spend those last weeks eating out and drink beer, not dieting and lifting.  Since then, I've never been back to the level of working out....and I want to be!  I'm ready again - I feel it in me and I'm super excited!  I haven't been this motivated by exercise in such a long time! 

Also,  I think I'm setting a good example for my little girl....she was doing some funky, sort of pushup looking thing the other day and I asked her what she was doing.  She told me "I'm doing my work like you mommy."  That's what she calls my workouts - doing my work. :) 

4.5 Weeks to Go!!!! 

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  1. I promise to come watch you in your first fitness competition!